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 The Mumum Co  with Please See//

The Mumum Co, a healthy snack brand based in Mumbai with supplies around India creating 100% pure and delicious snacks for toddlers. The challenge is to communicate this message to the parent and look attractive for the kid.

Two mothers co-founded the brand. Hence, the story is based on ‘endearment’. The verbal language is very simple and direct, talking to the mother and the visual language is playful and colourful. A personalised freeform shape like a heart was created for the brand which was carried forward to build the brand characters and icons.


Being a new product line in the market the challenge was to explain the various product categories to the consumers and create a packaging system for the range of products.


The guideline for the packaging was built on anthropomorphic characters and names developed from the texture of the product to represent each category and maintain consistency. Personalised patterns depicting the shape / behaviour of the product were used as background patterns. Overall bright Pantone shades were used to make it look fun and attractive like junk food packaging for the kids with simple health messages for the parent.

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