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 The Bombay Canteen  with Please See//

The Bombay Canteen, a cafe in South Mumbai, recreates recipes from local ingredients and adds a contemporary twist to traditional experiences. Our challenge was to reflect this thought in the branding. The brand should evoke a sense of belonging to everybody's childhood in India and mainly in Mumbai.  

Making ‘recreation' and ‘nostalgia' the core idea, we started telling the story through various touch points and experiences. The brand was built with taking inspiration from the traditional lifestyle of a ‘Mumbaikar’ by referring to old magazine ads, colonial city signages and childhood memories to make the customer feel Indian at heart.


Link for video.

Inspired by the traditional Indian way of carrying food in a ‘potli’, we created a contemporised version to transform the packaging into a tablecloth for a shared meal experience. To meet today’s logistical challenges, we created a cost effective, reusable bag suitable for delivering to offices or homes with sturdy handles and a firm base to add stability.

Keeping the brand values in mind we created seasonal experiences.

‘Independence Day Daawat’ is now a yearly fundraiser event to build brand value. As TBC is an Indian inspired brand, every year on Independence Day i.e. 15th August, the restaurant only serves a meal in the afternoon with a fixed menu and customers can pay what they like. All the proceedings are donated for child education to a NGO.

For Diwali, the brand wanted to sell a gift hamper of sweet and sour snacks at the restaurant. Inspired by fireworks, we created a hamper which looks like firecracker boxes but filled with snacks and a message against bursting firecrackers during the festival season.