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 Talli Joe  with Please See//

Talli Joe, a restaurant in London, creates fusion dishes with an Indian touch. The challenge was to bridge the gap between the two cultures and make India more relevant in a western context.


Personifying ‘Joe’, we imagined his travel journey in India as a medium to tell the brand story. Breaking the stereotype notion of India and simultaneously staying away from making it kitsch, the brand was about simple travel experiences in a new country. The brand was built over human behaviour observations like the language used (written, gestural and spoken), common animals, colours, modes of transport, festivals etc… The space is full of wall paintings with quotes, Devanagari learning cards painted on pillars and custom-made graphics about everyday observations and unseen places/stories in India framed around the restaurant.    

 Seasonal Experiences 

We created a custom guide to India for Talli Joe's first birthday.

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