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 O Pedro  with Please See//

O Pedro, a bar in BKC Mumbai, finds inspiration in local Portuguese and Goan meals. Our challenge was to create a bar with ‘happy vibes’ from a tropical region into a concrete jungle. We recreated what Goa means to Indians and make this everyone’s ‘happy place’. 


The brand draws inspiration from nuances which make people feel happy and relaxed. Recreating ‘fun’ as the Goans intended it to be. Bringing alive every aspect of Goan culture; the old, the new, the borrowed and the brewed.  Bougainvillaea flowers are found all over Goa and the custom typeface resembles the local shop signages in Goa which became the main inspiration behind the identity. The materials used to produce various collaterals are also familiar with Goan lifestyle but used in different contexts. Mosaic illustrations on the floor, cane curtains as bar coverings for dry days, hand-painted stickers as signages, framed mirrors as temporary graphic designs. The interior acts as the perfect balance between graphic and space integrated together.  

 Seasonal Experiences 

Experiences created for seasonal menu and brand promotion on a monthly/yearly basis.


The best way to announce the launch of the bar & restaurant was to send a handpainted clay rooster with a message from the happy place.

Unique properties were built overtime keeping the brand value in mind. 'Oh crab' was an exclusive Sunday menu for the true seafood lovers. 'The Balchao Session' conducted seasonal live music collaborations with local artists. 'Bar Stories' encouraged exchange of flavour and culture from different bars across the world by inviting bartenders over to take over the counter.

‘Fat February’ - An ode to the carnival was a week-long event organised to celebrate carnival as the Goans. The event was all about sharing food and drinks in large groups. The place was decorated with illustrated drapes, flowers and signages on mirrors and buntings.

‘Nana Cardoz’s’ Easter Feaster was created to celebrate Easter. The event was named after chef Floyd Cardoz's mother making it warm and fuzzy for the perfect easter meal. Taking the story forward the graphics were inspired by cross embroidery. Special tablecloth fabric was printed with flower decorations for the day of easter.

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