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 Climate Kunji  with Please See//

Climate Kunji, an initiative by the Ministry of Rural Development, India had developed a book with future income sources according to climate change. The challenge was to explain villagers about climate change and different ways to adapt their lifestyle for a better future. We developed a game and animation video to educate families from rural areas in India about climate change and how to adapt their lifestyle accordingly.


For the game, the first step was to decide the form. We decided to use playing cards for the game as they are widely used by all age groups in rural and urban areas. The card game is based on showing the effects of climate change on the village environment by taking away all the cards and how the book ‘Kunji’ can save the village by collecting the maximum number of cards in the game. Similarly, for the video a song was used for the animation with the slogan - ‘Gaon ko bolo Kunji kholo’, encouraging the villagers to use the book ‘Kunji’ for their benefit.

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