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 Bolega Bihar Campaign  with Purpose

'Bolega Bihar' is a pre-election campaign to build awareness about the benefits of solar energy in the agriculture and healthcare sector in Bihar. We wanted the public to demand clean energy from various political parties standing for election.

We presented three iterations for the campaign name and logo. 'Bolega Bihar' was voted by the audience for unity, voice and strength amongst the people of Bihar.

The design language was adapted to various on-ground and online activities to talk about the benefits of using solar energy and get people's vote for these demands. 

 People's Manifesto  


People's manifesto was made to highlight public demands for a better Bihar. This demand was measured by ticket copies signed by people from the different villages across Bihar. Various on-ground activations were organized to create awareness and get people to vote for these demands as seen in the following sections.

 Solar Samwad Yatra 


A solar-powered van travelled around different cities of Bihar over 7-days with a digital screen to get people's vote for installing solar energy and educating them about the different benefits of using renewable energy.

 Demands By Women Farmers 


Women play an integral role in taking care of farms and their vote is important for a better future of Bihar.