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Working with materials & experiences to design everyday needs.

A bond of carbon, hydrogen & oxygen together makes glucose. A different bond of the same elements makes fat. Another bond of the same elements makes ethanol. Another bond of the same elements makes vinegar. 

Glucose, fat, ethanol and vinegar are not similar and don’t have the same properties but they’re made by processing the same elements.

Every aspect can have infinite viewpoints depending on how far you want to push the limits. The same thought can be reflected while designing a process, material or system. The story lies within the approach; the process of creation and the reason behind it. The same theory applies for any situation, material or emotion.

Trained as a fashion, communication and material designer to connect the dots and close the loop of product life cycles. I believe in long term projects. Time, experience and constant evolution helps to dig deeper towards the purpose. We need to observe, understand & connect different sections together and look at the overall picture by bringing everything together under one umbrella. Combining emotion-driven design with a common sense approach to rediscover the life side of business, systems and methodologies for the ecosystem and not only for humans.  

I come from a land of 1.3 billion people where everyone believes someone else will do something about it. I don’t want to wait for someone else. I want to do my part to bring nature and living beings together and hope for others to do their part. We all need to do our bit to bring everything together. 


I see myself as a sustainability-focused interdisciplinary designer applying cross-industry methods to find solutions. I believe in using ‘Systems Theory’ to solve problems based on data, processes, tools & people. The solutions are achieved through different methods ranging from community-centred design, sensorial design, biomimicry to material development to create circular systems.


I can contribute to the field of renewable resource development, community building to finding single use packaging alternatives. 

disrupt systems,  build circular brands

make sustainable materials

conduct workshops, create installations

make an impact. 

Let's work together to

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